Friday, December 28, 2012

Its a foggy day in beautiful Munich

The cloud of uncertainty now slowly didn't seem a distant reality, as a 40 thousand pound metal bird descends over a drowsy Frankfurt. From what had begun as an uncertain expedition had now culminated into something unbelievable, even now it had not quite set in. Mumbai has always been a strong match up unabridged and incomparable to any other city I could ever know. She knows me, she raised me, she'll always know the best and worst of me but somehow I would never be able to give uninhibitedly what she gave so freely to me. This was harder than it seemed and why I dont know.Everyday I worked towards getting away now seemed even more defeating , why would I want to run away from something that I held so dear to me all this while. I didn't know her as well as she did me. My first walk, my first bike ride, this is harder than it should have been. As last minute calls gave way to tears and a new gripping sense of fear. Purpose now seemed to draw out of the cloud o dismay. I sat awestruck as this new plan came through, as the plane took flight it seemed like another long tiring dream hoping that I would wake up any minute. My loved ones would meet and hold me God knows when but m purpose was certain and with new purpose comes new vigour and strength as the Sun rose on a foggy day in beautiful Munich


  1. All The Best for your new adventures Aaron. Every change brings along its fears and apprehensions but then there are lots of challenges and lots more to look forward to too. Have a Happy and successful start of the new beginnings!!