Sunday, December 23, 2012

Apocalypse now

Apocalypse now

If your reading this now your one of the few who have made it past 1700hrs of the 21/12/12 Apocalypse.Day two and there seems to be some considerable shift in reality. People all around the world who once were docile are now blowing their top about controversial issues and taking their governments head on. not afraid of consequences they are ready to ask questions. Amongst all this feverish uprising still lurks a fear maybe the Apocalypse is exactly this us turning on ourselves. Maybe this is the day humanity begins to die. Here's how I think this reality might pan out:

Oil companies rule the world: 

the powerhouses that once fueled our economies now rule the world. Owning a large portion of the worlds assets the seek to dominate all our resources and food supplies. As they now restructure society to their profit, people's rights are now compromised and freedom is now a privilege of the elites.

Zombie Apocalypse: 

A freak accident by the oil companies to build a cheap bio weapon leads to a mass outbreak of a fatal virus that feeds on its host and slowly assumes control over consciousness. Once bitten by an infected host the bitten soon assumes loss over locomotion and appendages followed by violent spurts of energy and mutation. As the virus slowly spreads an epidemic breaks out.

Mc horror: 

with food supplies dwindling and agricultural conditions unable to meet needs only leaders in mass food movement and production Mc Ds rises as the dark horse eating out competition like KFC and Burger King. The golden arches now determine and control what you eat and how much you eat of it. Research and technological advances give their products a deathly edge hooking consumers with a whole new addictive product range. Humanity binges itself to death.

Pandora rises:

 like it wasn't enough that she did it once, she rises again as her box surfaces and is opened releasing plagues and the undead on humanity. No one's safe as logic, reason and humanity become ideals of the past. The dark ages return.

Re evolutions:

 plant and animal begin re evolving to assume superiority . The rise of the apes was predicted but now other plant entities assume life and mobility along with the least likely of animals, the pug assuming evolutionary superiority.


  1. so true, Aaron, the apocalypse has begun and it's not going to be a day's affair..the slow death has begun a while ago, the pace indeed accelerating with dying humanity.

  2. Hmm Some food for thought! I also believe that it will never happen in one day!

  3. Wow that's some deep thought on the subject! We just have to do our little bits and hope that somehow the sum total adds up!

  4. Totally fertile imagination. What have you been irrigating it with?

  5. I love your blog