Saturday, December 22, 2012

The List

The List

This was the bucket list I put up 3 years ago and this is absolutely amazing.  Note the dramatic shift in writing style. 

Wise man with heavy Asian accent say " You only as good as you think you are , Rocky" sure looked Asian? so i says to myself Sandman what makes you feel the way you are apart from thinking big, and it hit me I'm so happy and grateful for the opportunities Ive had and the people Ive met so imagine how fantabulicious (what I'm happy!) it would be if i only pushed for more. so here it is, as of now i Aaron Santos of sound body and unsound mind pledge to fulfill a majority if not all the below mentioned things to do during the course of 2009. its your job to kick me in the derriere if i don't complete
1.Stand first in college
2.Go bungee jumping
3.Work in at least two five star restaurants(done,doing)
4.Go out with a complete stranger (Done)
5.Learn to dance, jive , salsa, slow dance, etc
6.then dance with every girl at a wedding

7.Be best man to at least two guys
8.Get my driver's licence
9.learn to ride a bike
10. Learn to juggle
11. Learn to roast and grill from CC

12 Learn to love
13 learn to forgive
14 Find her15. Read 30 new cookery and related books
16. read 17 new novels (DONE)
17.(DONE) SAY yes to everything
18. get so sloshed that i puke my guts out.(BOY TO MAN)

19. Lose something.
20. Go water skiing
21. Lie less (DONE)
22. learn more
23. call people more(DONE)
24. make new friends (DOING)
25. rag less juniors (its fun but yeah but funs over)(DONE)
26. talk more to my neighbours(DONE)
27. tell my parents how much i love them everyday.(DONE)
28 .cry less.(DONE)
29. laugh more(DOING)
30. be punctual(DONE)

31. tip evrytime i eat out(DONE)
32. spare a rupee every time somebody asks for one.AW WW(DONE)
33. get out more(DONE)
34. spend more time with my family.(DONE)
35. watch less TV(DONE)
36. limit net use.(DOING)
37 watch less porn... it was bound to come up.(DONE..YES)
38 get dressed faster(DONE)
39 use less plastic

40 plant a tree
41 take a wine tasting class
42 speak french

43 learn some decent German
44 share my knife if asked to(YES)
45 learn to fight
46 learn to stand up more for myself (DONE)
47 remember birthdays(DONE)
48 keep in touch with friends more
49 shop more(DONE)
50 hug more. FULL ON just kidding
51 smile more(DONE)
53 wash my keds myself(DONE)
54 let more people in
55 watch more funny movies(DONE)
56 listen to more music(DONE)
57 SHOWER occasionally(COME ON...DONE)
58 keep my room clean

59 go sky diving
60 help out at home (DONE)
61 tell people who my best friend is (DONE)
62 work on a rad introduction
63 try some corny pick up lines (DONE)
64 mentor
65 cook more at home(DONE)
66 say the rosary everyday
67 read the bible
68 perform with a band
69 start writing songs again
70 Stop talking smack about dad(DONE)
71 make time for myself(DONE)
72 Set more goals(DONE)
73 complain less, accept more(DONE)
74 fall in love
75 work out more(DOING)

76 Get a six pack(IN PROGRESS)
77 Swear less(DONE DONE)
78 Be a gentleman
79 be more chivalrous
80 lose less stuff
81 wear more hats(DOING)

82 attend more church(DONE)
83 make at least five people a lil bit happier everyday(IMPORTANT)
84 be more independent
85 be more spontaneous
86 give more gifts(DONE)
87 share(DONE)
88 go hiking
89 go fishing
90 do things that scare me(DOING)
91 worry less
92 join a choir(DOING)
93 get less obnoxious(DOING)
94 let more people in
95 trust
96 be more spontaneous
Mama's requests
97 tie my laces and keep shoes in place(DOING)
98 keep clothes in place(DONE)
99 be More childish
100. keep track of my sister's stalkers!! motherf.....ers (DONE)

that's it one by one i knock em them off

So future me , here I Aaron Santos of 2012 solemnly swear to kick you in the cojhoonas if you fail to complete what you set out to do. I of sound sexy body and imbalanced mind swear to uphold what I say and complete.

  1. Get the Maple leaf
  2. Stand first in college
  3. Open my restaurant
  4. Get a couple of stars
  5. Get married
  6. Be more happy
  7. Not drink on the wedding day
  8. Drink less
  9. Be a good father, husband and son
  10. Keep you happy
  11. Make myself proud
  12. Make you proud
  13. Make my parents proud
  14. Get rich
  15. Buy a mansion
  16. Buy a beach house
  17. Live large everyday
  18. Own a rad car
  19. See more places
  20. Get back to singing
  21. Write a book
  22. Do television shows
  23. Sing
  24. Work with Chef Bourdain before he croaks
  25. Go back to college and show off
  26. Work harder
  27. Relax
  28. Make time for loved ones
  29. Dance
  30. Write songs
  31. Experiment more with food
  32. Be more spontaneous
  33. Fearless
  34. Bungee jump
  35. Sky dive
  36. Honeymoon in the Bahamas
  37. Learn a new language
  38. Learn 10 new cuisines
  39. Learn 100 new recipes
  40. Invent more recipes
  41. Blog more
  42. Listen to more music
  43. Make time for people
  44. Remember Birthdays
  45. Wish people
  46. Give gifts
  47. Make compliments
  48. Be honest
  49. Lie less
  50. Have more tickle fights
  51. Eat healthy
  52. Work in New York
  53. Be a Top Chef
  54. Cure world hunger
  55. Eat more
  56. Get ripped more
  57. Get abs
  58. Host a TV show
  59. Become a Celebrity
  60. Learn more and do more Pastry
  61. Be more encouraging
  62. Listen
  63. Talk more
  64. Design hats
  65. Launch a range of knives
  66. Become the CROC ambassador
  67. Laugh more
  68. Watch more movies
  69. Read more books
  70. Be more organized
  71. Be more punctual
  72. Work harder
  73. Be confident
  74. Give myself more credit
  75. Sell yourself more
  76. Don't sell out
  77. Humble
  78. Cut an album
  79. Watch out for my Sis
  80. Take family on a world tour
  81. Make it big
  82. Keep in touch with friends more
  83. Groom better
  84. Brush more
  85. Run more
  86. Skype less and meet more
  87. Own a private jet
  88. Invent a cuisine
  89. Hit a million balance
  90. Win another million
  91. Invest
  92. Invest in people
  93. Trust more
  94. Take more walks on the beach
  95. Sit in the park
  96. Perform in the park
  97. Smile
  98. Make her smile
  99. Be yourself
  100. Have a good time :)
  101. Work at Disney
Lets start knocking em down one by one. Will slash them out as I get them done.


  1. Ok seriously a 100? I'm struggling with just getting 10 out :). Intrigued by "Don't drink at wedding" I must say. And may all your wishes come true!

  2. Lovely...and the before list has had so many ticked!! And your present list is so beautiful and of course you'll be everything you've asked for. But please drink the night before your wedding at least

  3. I have to come back to read this list again...

  4. love love the lists - both of 'em - you man of sound body and unsound mind!

  5. God!!! 200???? head is reeling..but I love the way you thought of adding every small or big wish on to the list and even striking them off as a reminder of how much you've achieved so far...too good!
    all the best for the ones to be achieved!

  6. sound body and unsound mind eh??? :P
    getting a little ahead of ourselves now, are'nt we? :P

  7. Love your LONG list. May you have the perseverance to go for it all. Working at Disney sounds fantastic. You must 'give yourself more credit'... see how many people read your posts:)

    Hope you are watching out for your sis already!


  8. what a list man!! and am happy that u got ur priorities right..getting married is above becoming a father :)

    happy holidays!!

  9. Great listing..seems inspiring to jot down mine too..hope all of these get stroke out by next year..:)

  10. Now that's called a Bucket List! Truly Amazing! :-)