Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Years We make
There are very few events our conscious minds embellish into memories without us coercing it into one, I believe 3 important neurological stimuli can be largely identified as the cause for the same

Joy:  Our sense of happiness is a key determinant in making memories
Fear: Fear of a known or unknown danger or an event caused by either can carve itself into a lasting            mental image.
Resolve: for the lack of a better word is what I believe this ideology of mine is all about. The moment          we decide to accept things for what they are and make the most of them, live in the moment and          max it out, really savour the flavour if you will. 

The last few years of my life have seen much more of this and for good reason, because when you resolve or decide to have a good time you knock out the unforeseen elements and just seize the day. It sometimes seems redundant to say or over used but the tried and tested Carpe Diem has taught me to make the most of some difficult situations and just have an amazing time.
In my mind our life is just like a game, except you cant respawn. If you played on developer mode, there's no way you'd ever be able to unlock the true potential of player like you would in a real time setting neither would the fear of threat or imminent danger add to the play of the game, it would in essence be living through the eyes ghost not experiencing anything..... Going on a tangent but in theory its exactly what I think took me from a viewer to 

As I start to look back on the years that were just before I write this blog I begin to realize how important it had always been to me to make memories and somehow getting caught up in life I'd forgotten how to do that. But the last year and the one's to follow would be different not because Im writing this blog as a reminder or because my Youtube hit 1K 
or Im at an important crossroad in my life, its because I now understand that it's not about living conservatively and stringently, its about taking risks and making efforts, to realize and embrace the noise and have a voice instead of fighting it, that I'd want to be remembered for the things I did and the times I had living rather than hoping to live.

Adventure Awaits.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Its a foggy day in beautiful Munich

The cloud of uncertainty now slowly didn't seem a distant reality, as a 40 thousand pound metal bird descends over a drowsy Frankfurt. From what had begun as an uncertain expedition had now culminated into something unbelievable, even now it had not quite set in. Mumbai has always been a strong match up unabridged and incomparable to any other city I could ever know. She knows me, she raised me, she'll always know the best and worst of me but somehow I would never be able to give uninhibitedly what she gave so freely to me. This was harder than it seemed and why I dont know.Everyday I worked towards getting away now seemed even more defeating , why would I want to run away from something that I held so dear to me all this while. I didn't know her as well as she did me. My first walk, my first bike ride, this is harder than it should have been. As last minute calls gave way to tears and a new gripping sense of fear. Purpose now seemed to draw out of the cloud o dismay. I sat awestruck as this new plan came through, as the plane took flight it seemed like another long tiring dream hoping that I would wake up any minute. My loved ones would meet and hold me God knows when but m purpose was certain and with new purpose comes new vigour and strength as the Sun rose on a foggy day in beautiful Munich

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Apocalypse now

Apocalypse now

If your reading this now your one of the few who have made it past 1700hrs of the 21/12/12 Apocalypse.Day two and there seems to be some considerable shift in reality. People all around the world who once were docile are now blowing their top about controversial issues and taking their governments head on. not afraid of consequences they are ready to ask questions. Amongst all this feverish uprising still lurks a fear maybe the Apocalypse is exactly this us turning on ourselves. Maybe this is the day humanity begins to die. Here's how I think this reality might pan out:

Oil companies rule the world: 

the powerhouses that once fueled our economies now rule the world. Owning a large portion of the worlds assets the seek to dominate all our resources and food supplies. As they now restructure society to their profit, people's rights are now compromised and freedom is now a privilege of the elites.

Zombie Apocalypse: 

A freak accident by the oil companies to build a cheap bio weapon leads to a mass outbreak of a fatal virus that feeds on its host and slowly assumes control over consciousness. Once bitten by an infected host the bitten soon assumes loss over locomotion and appendages followed by violent spurts of energy and mutation. As the virus slowly spreads an epidemic breaks out.

Mc horror: 

with food supplies dwindling and agricultural conditions unable to meet needs only leaders in mass food movement and production Mc Ds rises as the dark horse eating out competition like KFC and Burger King. The golden arches now determine and control what you eat and how much you eat of it. Research and technological advances give their products a deathly edge hooking consumers with a whole new addictive product range. Humanity binges itself to death.

Pandora rises:

 like it wasn't enough that she did it once, she rises again as her box surfaces and is opened releasing plagues and the undead on humanity. No one's safe as logic, reason and humanity become ideals of the past. The dark ages return.

Re evolutions:

 plant and animal begin re evolving to assume superiority . The rise of the apes was predicted but now other plant entities assume life and mobility along with the least likely of animals, the pug assuming evolutionary superiority.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The List

The List

This was the bucket list I put up 3 years ago and this is absolutely amazing.  Note the dramatic shift in writing style. 

Wise man with heavy Asian accent say " You only as good as you think you are , Rocky" sure looked Asian? so i says to myself Sandman what makes you feel the way you are apart from thinking big, and it hit me I'm so happy and grateful for the opportunities Ive had and the people Ive met so imagine how fantabulicious (what I'm happy!) it would be if i only pushed for more. so here it is, as of now i Aaron Santos of sound body and unsound mind pledge to fulfill a majority if not all the below mentioned things to do during the course of 2009. its your job to kick me in the derriere if i don't complete
1.Stand first in college
2.Go bungee jumping
3.Work in at least two five star restaurants(done,doing)
4.Go out with a complete stranger (Done)
5.Learn to dance, jive , salsa, slow dance, etc
6.then dance with every girl at a wedding

7.Be best man to at least two guys
8.Get my driver's licence
9.learn to ride a bike
10. Learn to juggle
11. Learn to roast and grill from CC

12 Learn to love
13 learn to forgive
14 Find her15. Read 30 new cookery and related books
16. read 17 new novels (DONE)
17.(DONE) SAY yes to everything
18. get so sloshed that i puke my guts out.(BOY TO MAN)

19. Lose something.
20. Go water skiing
21. Lie less (DONE)
22. learn more
23. call people more(DONE)
24. make new friends (DOING)
25. rag less juniors (its fun but yeah but funs over)(DONE)
26. talk more to my neighbours(DONE)
27. tell my parents how much i love them everyday.(DONE)
28 .cry less.(DONE)
29. laugh more(DOING)
30. be punctual(DONE)

31. tip evrytime i eat out(DONE)
32. spare a rupee every time somebody asks for one.AW WW(DONE)
33. get out more(DONE)
34. spend more time with my family.(DONE)
35. watch less TV(DONE)
36. limit net use.(DOING)
37 watch less porn... it was bound to come up.(DONE..YES)
38 get dressed faster(DONE)
39 use less plastic

40 plant a tree
41 take a wine tasting class
42 speak french

43 learn some decent German
44 share my knife if asked to(YES)
45 learn to fight
46 learn to stand up more for myself (DONE)
47 remember birthdays(DONE)
48 keep in touch with friends more
49 shop more(DONE)
50 hug more. FULL ON just kidding
51 smile more(DONE)
53 wash my keds myself(DONE)
54 let more people in
55 watch more funny movies(DONE)
56 listen to more music(DONE)
57 SHOWER occasionally(COME ON...DONE)
58 keep my room clean

59 go sky diving
60 help out at home (DONE)
61 tell people who my best friend is (DONE)
62 work on a rad introduction
63 try some corny pick up lines (DONE)
64 mentor
65 cook more at home(DONE)
66 say the rosary everyday
67 read the bible
68 perform with a band
69 start writing songs again
70 Stop talking smack about dad(DONE)
71 make time for myself(DONE)
72 Set more goals(DONE)
73 complain less, accept more(DONE)
74 fall in love
75 work out more(DOING)

76 Get a six pack(IN PROGRESS)
77 Swear less(DONE DONE)
78 Be a gentleman
79 be more chivalrous
80 lose less stuff
81 wear more hats(DOING)

82 attend more church(DONE)
83 make at least five people a lil bit happier everyday(IMPORTANT)
84 be more independent
85 be more spontaneous
86 give more gifts(DONE)
87 share(DONE)
88 go hiking
89 go fishing
90 do things that scare me(DOING)
91 worry less
92 join a choir(DOING)
93 get less obnoxious(DOING)
94 let more people in
95 trust
96 be more spontaneous
Mama's requests
97 tie my laces and keep shoes in place(DOING)
98 keep clothes in place(DONE)
99 be More childish
100. keep track of my sister's stalkers!! motherf.....ers (DONE)

that's it one by one i knock em them off

So future me , here I Aaron Santos of 2012 solemnly swear to kick you in the cojhoonas if you fail to complete what you set out to do. I of sound sexy body and imbalanced mind swear to uphold what I say and complete.

  1. Get the Maple leaf
  2. Stand first in college
  3. Open my restaurant
  4. Get a couple of stars
  5. Get married
  6. Be more happy
  7. Not drink on the wedding day
  8. Drink less
  9. Be a good father, husband and son
  10. Keep you happy
  11. Make myself proud
  12. Make you proud
  13. Make my parents proud
  14. Get rich
  15. Buy a mansion
  16. Buy a beach house
  17. Live large everyday
  18. Own a rad car
  19. See more places
  20. Get back to singing
  21. Write a book
  22. Do television shows
  23. Sing
  24. Work with Chef Bourdain before he croaks
  25. Go back to college and show off
  26. Work harder
  27. Relax
  28. Make time for loved ones
  29. Dance
  30. Write songs
  31. Experiment more with food
  32. Be more spontaneous
  33. Fearless
  34. Bungee jump
  35. Sky dive
  36. Honeymoon in the Bahamas
  37. Learn a new language
  38. Learn 10 new cuisines
  39. Learn 100 new recipes
  40. Invent more recipes
  41. Blog more
  42. Listen to more music
  43. Make time for people
  44. Remember Birthdays
  45. Wish people
  46. Give gifts
  47. Make compliments
  48. Be honest
  49. Lie less
  50. Have more tickle fights
  51. Eat healthy
  52. Work in New York
  53. Be a Top Chef
  54. Cure world hunger
  55. Eat more
  56. Get ripped more
  57. Get abs
  58. Host a TV show
  59. Become a Celebrity
  60. Learn more and do more Pastry
  61. Be more encouraging
  62. Listen
  63. Talk more
  64. Design hats
  65. Launch a range of knives
  66. Become the CROC ambassador
  67. Laugh more
  68. Watch more movies
  69. Read more books
  70. Be more organized
  71. Be more punctual
  72. Work harder
  73. Be confident
  74. Give myself more credit
  75. Sell yourself more
  76. Don't sell out
  77. Humble
  78. Cut an album
  79. Watch out for my Sis
  80. Take family on a world tour
  81. Make it big
  82. Keep in touch with friends more
  83. Groom better
  84. Brush more
  85. Run more
  86. Skype less and meet more
  87. Own a private jet
  88. Invent a cuisine
  89. Hit a million balance
  90. Win another million
  91. Invest
  92. Invest in people
  93. Trust more
  94. Take more walks on the beach
  95. Sit in the park
  96. Perform in the park
  97. Smile
  98. Make her smile
  99. Be yourself
  100. Have a good time :)
  101. Work at Disney
Lets start knocking em down one by one. Will slash them out as I get them done.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ink Sauce

The story began somewhat hazy I didn't know what to get, my first instinct was just go with it. So as me and my friend sat through the night as her little brother peered at the screen we finalized the font for the supposed script. This was it! So close and no one to stop me. Man! sweet , quick check on the artist and a moment to reassure myself that everything is going to be OK and we're back on. It was basically taboo so i cant divulge anymore lets just say I wasn't the only one getting inked luckily my contact and a squeamish smile melted the Philippine giant who was before me in line and I squeezed into the studio. As I sat onto the stool in the middle of his studio/ living room / kitchen the ritual began and I realised I was in too deep. When the needle went in and he got at it , it happened so fast I couldn't believe he was done. Looked into the mirror and there it was one night ago a scribble on word was now my first tattoo. Mangiata Il fegato - Eat your heart out.

This little Piggy

The next of course was supposed to be a Cook free or die skull by Chef Anthony Bourdain but that didn't fly well with everyone so instead I worked up a tattoo on the fly referencing diagrams from the Internet and comparing it with my notes . The original tattoo was going to be in french but I wanted to go easy on the rookie tattoo artist and went with English incorporating a family member's name to get some approval and leverage. Remember walking back that night with a bleeding arm wondering what the hell i had just done.

The Piece DE Resistance

, the beauty standing a year old is the sea bass. This tattoo means so much, food , my fishing time with dad and the special occasion for getting the tattoo . It was the best four hours of my life and money well spent the angler and the bass came out beautifully and the waves look amazing with the Japanese rays in the back. The tattoo is supposed to be for good luck like the koy fish but my twist was the bass and the angler is you, me basically hanging on two and reeling in luck and life, it starts off flimsy but as you reel it in you get better and more stable. So when your ready you can stick it in the gills and hold life by the hands. Shout out to Gavin R, you did good com padre.

Maybe We've forgotten that we're all one big tribe

                                                  In memory of the Connecticut massacre. Hearts bleed for their loved ones, words will never their scars may our prayers strengthen their wounded souls and may justice be served in Delhi and all over the world. Lets us pray father grant us the strength to do no wrong and that we might not become our worst enemy.


Amnesia (from Greek Ἀμνησία) is a deficit in memory caused by brain damage, disease, or psychological trauma. This is Wikipedia's definition of the term amnesia essentially it mean you forget and cant recollect parts or whole portions of a memory or memories. Its a terrible disease and it devastates the families and friends of people who have the same. very few cases of non traumatic amnesia are observed these days.It generally accompanies old age o a fatal incident that the person succumbs or is a witness to.
 Characterized by intense bouts of anger due to failure to recollect and frustration leading too in some cases acute depression. Maybe you've forgotten where you came from India that your mother birth you. That she loved you and fed you. Maybe you've forgotten your sister who held your hand on your way to school and taught you how to ride your bi cycle. Maybe it could be worse maybe your amnesiac and that's why you violate your faith and mutilate your fate, maybe that's why you judge and then rape.