Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Years We make
There are very few events our conscious minds embellish into memories without us coercing it into one, I believe 3 important neurological stimuli can be largely identified as the cause for the same

Joy:  Our sense of happiness is a key determinant in making memories
Fear: Fear of a known or unknown danger or an event caused by either can carve itself into a lasting            mental image.
Resolve: for the lack of a better word is what I believe this ideology of mine is all about. The moment          we decide to accept things for what they are and make the most of them, live in the moment and          max it out, really savour the flavour if you will. 

The last few years of my life have seen much more of this and for good reason, because when you resolve or decide to have a good time you knock out the unforeseen elements and just seize the day. It sometimes seems redundant to say or over used but the tried and tested Carpe Diem has taught me to make the most of some difficult situations and just have an amazing time.
In my mind our life is just like a game, except you cant respawn. If you played on developer mode, there's no way you'd ever be able to unlock the true potential of player like you would in a real time setting neither would the fear of threat or imminent danger add to the play of the game, it would in essence be living through the eyes ghost not experiencing anything..... Going on a tangent but in theory its exactly what I think took me from a viewer to 

As I start to look back on the years that were just before I write this blog I begin to realize how important it had always been to me to make memories and somehow getting caught up in life I'd forgotten how to do that. But the last year and the one's to follow would be different not because Im writing this blog as a reminder or because my Youtube hit 1K 
or Im at an important crossroad in my life, its because I now understand that it's not about living conservatively and stringently, its about taking risks and making efforts, to realize and embrace the noise and have a voice instead of fighting it, that I'd want to be remembered for the things I did and the times I had living rather than hoping to live.

Adventure Awaits.

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