Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hit the road Jack

The farewell and birthday

This idea started off in my head like any other party planning the difference was it was going to be the last party with my friends, relatives and neighbors. It had to be special, it had to be big and the food had to be amazing. 

The idea thus clarified into the master plan and efforts towards this monster of a task took the form a weekly schedule of prepping the maal for the samaan. This involved daily tasks like grinding down ginger garlic paste which mum solely did, making garam masala, chilli paste for the gravies, etc.
But although this party was going to be of the hook I knew I still had one final score to settle and something that I had to prove. So to once again smack down my arch nemesis Gelatin and recreate a beautiful evening in Delhi and honor the same, I took on the Squidgy cake... this is by far the most proudest moment of my life and a victory I'm gonna relish and Bragg about for ages. In your face! Squidgy cake.

 So now I round off the troops and get he gang together one last time, for the ones who passed on this party. Burrrn Big time this is what you missed and shall forever regret in culinary remorse.

 I decided to go all out and make a Little welcome drink of some cool lemon grass and lime which was followed by a round of a mad number of appetizers. 
To say this was an easy feat to pull off would really sound pompous but the fact is, we planned everything even a contingency. So when we were so excited that my cousins and aunts came to celebrate with us we packed up on plan A and headed to plan B. 

While the starters did the rounds and our guests dug into those pulled chicken wings, I brought out the daruwala chakna while doing the best impression of a running bartender as I tried to cope with the madness all in all I think I did a fair job and even have photographic proof that I worked all through the party. The next on the list was Lemon grass and oregano satay chicken and to class up my act some Mustard drunk olives.If your wondering where all the recipes are, remember I'm on a marathon and I'm gonna pace myself. Will post recipes subsequently till then, here are some pics and your drink. 
Can I get you anything? The star of the show was of course Squidgy cake's Demise and my victory. The house was alive again with friends from junior college, my photo expert and new friend Ruel who has some wicked pics on face book and the newlyweds my cousin Centia and her husband Vipul. The fourth floor party squad rev ed up our engines and rated the starters fundoo. My entourage arrived late as usual but was happy to see them after ages. Meant a lot that you could make it.
 But  the real highlight for me was my Aunts and my cousins, Ive never  been happy to see them and to have their blessing at this hour was so important to me . Thank you for making this possible, I wouldn't have taken this line without your guidance and help all he way through Aunty Katru. Thank you for coming Candy and Viju and thank you for holding me so tight and crying Sanu Aunty your love and blessings mean so much. We laughed, joked and celebrated thinking this is going to be easy but the truth is its not Im going to miss you all. Very much.

                   The Menu


  1. Nice blog! First time here and I think I cant help myself scrolling and doing a quick read of the other posts. Will stop by soon. Happy blogging!

  2. thank you so much Swathika :) means a lot

  3. Love, love , love the cake and pls post the recipes soon!

  4. Wow! Lovely food and looks like a great party! I need to be friends with a chef and get invited to these yummmy parties :D

  5. Oh the food...and Oh the CAKE. Yum yum yum.

  6. The food looks super tempting, you better start putting the recipes out here. And yes we should have a Marathon Blogger meet and all the cooks in the group should put up a feast ;) The rest of us shall eat and appreciate :D

  7. Squidgy cake goes live in 30 minutes