Sunday, December 9, 2012

P.s. I love you

This doesn't make any sense without you. The sounds of the world, the voices of direction seem lost without your advice ringing in my ear. You saw me through and are holding me tight till I breathe my last, I will never have it any other way. You are my solace you are my tower in you I find myself in you is where lies my home. You are my strength, you are the voice of reason, I resonate nothing but your aura and your happiness. These are some of the most treasured pictures and memories of mine, I wouldn't share them but in doing so at such a pivotal time in my life I will find reason and strength , Your love will me strong. Please play the track while you read this

have always been fun but this was an extra special birthday cause I began to understand the true meaning of a gift, although it was a small one, it was one of my most treasured ones, Mum had got this Hot wheels car for me and although I didn't understand how this could be my gift I realised later on that, that little car brought me more joy and so much more love from my mum who managed both the household, me and my sis and work and still took out time to take me along to buy something of my choice. 

we attended a lot of it when we were younger but it never figured in into our priority of needs. This was one of the first times we worked as a family to take on a procession and I realised that in order to be a part of something, I have to learn to participate

No matter how large or small, family is the bond that keeps us alive and joyous. This was a special trip to alibaugh, the mergulhao's found the inspiration for their villa in Goa (simply house named after this villa)and I caught a glimpse of how important my cousins are in my life, from the crazy stuff a the beach to just playing chor police.It was simpler then I hope it always stayed the same. 

 My rat in the duvet
This was taken when my sister and I were pulling a blanket around the house with her in it. I'd wish things stayed the same but shes older now and likes her own little toys, she's always been my little doggie with her shining eyes and I wouldn't trade that for the world, I still recall later that month we were both locked in the house when the lights went out. We kept holding onto each other screaming for help. Just like the idiots we were. We kicked and screamed through it till we saw the light. That's something that's never changed

Preacher and teacher by day and mad Dada on the side. No matter how much I deny it I love being my father's son, I fought it during my formative years but I turned out the way I did because of all his whacks on my behind. Thanks dad for not giving in. I t wasn't that I was deprived of what I wanted through his drama I realised that value of things and how they differed from how we should value people and their contributions. Earn respect and then command it don't demand it. With only the sweat on your brow you built this ground up, I hope I do good Dada. I love you

 My first catch
Not the fish, the only girl I love unconditionally till the day I die. She held me through the mad days, and whacked me through the bad days, for every time I haven't told you how amazed I am and how proud I am to be part of your legacy and call you Ma. I will spend the rest of my life trying hard to give back what you gave so unconditionally. Your my hero and whenever I'm in doubt your never steered me wrong.  I love you Ma.
 You've always been this beautiful to me.

 To my little sidekick
Mamas little helper help mama stay strong without me. i love you.
My love for food began with you beloved bowl of grape and I thank you for steering me back to you . Right from the start you called me to de skin you and de seed you to a perfect garnish only to be devoured by me in all my selfishness.
 I love you Ma
is uncompromising and compromising, it is listening and shouting back. It is fearless and running from the storm and it burns strong against all odds. Mum and Dad
push for excellence in whatever you do be it a small wound or drooling over the girl of your dreams, I wouldn't have learnt it better if it wasn't for you. Nautanki. dad during his theatre days..

 Lovel and Louie
I wish we could have the good old days worrying our folks back miss you guys, If your reading this I want you to know I miss you guys very much.
I never had two left feet I loved dancing to MJ and doing live shows for my relatives when I was young, I guess if little me met Big me he'd kick me in the nuts for not trying o be the next big dance sensation and cooking instead. Dont be shy, life's too short
 Kya mere ko GPL!


  1. second picture. Chel.
    awwwwwwwwww :):)

  2. Wow Aaron, can completely understand why that was late, what a lovely story in pictures!! Hold on to all those beautiful memories :)

  3. Beautiful post :)) absolutely loved it

    1. :) thank you hope u read it whilst the song played

  4. That's a beautiful tribute to the people in your life!

    1. I wanted to cover family :) everyone wud be crazy

  5. I did put the song on first and then read the post and it is beautiful!! Lovely memories and those pictures are oh-so-cute!! The song in the background does add all the effect!!