Monday, December 10, 2012

Finger lickin..cookin

I wonder when the chicken gave up on the evolution race and decided to just plop, Did that make it a winner or a braised or roast rooster? Cause somehow every other bird got the memo and the lazy chicken decided it was best to rest and roost. She lost her instinct of flight and now can hardly make it to 13 feet. With so many corporations tapping into the fowl and poultry market, this poor bird has now developed an almost disastrous reputation as being unhealthy. 
Its time giant players like Mcd's began showing some respect and thinking more organic or just more sustainable resources as sources for their products. In this era of mass production the humble chick is now taking a battering and has lost her once homely and love drawn credible image. Its time to show some respect this Christmas, buy your bird locally and not from a store, eat healthy and not out of a plastic tub treat the meat with respect , remember it did give its life for your full belly. The least you could do is let it go out with some style.
I hosted a party day before and this was one of the many starters I had featured for my guests. Fiery pulled chicken wings, theres a story to this too. The person who taught me to make the wings was someone I trained with for 3 weeks a seasoned butcher and was now becoming a close friend. The thing with this was like any other friend he'd love to pull my legs about the small stuff, the speed of my work , how I looked when I was using the chopper and how I would flinch when he cracked through lamb bones. Before you laugh that was a long time ago and i share this as only a point of reference for this story. He moved so fast with the chicken wings and told me I would never be able to do it like him.
 A total of ten people came in later that day taking a crack at it and succeeding except for me. So i was determined before anyone else decides to throw a little weight around I would crack this nugget. So when the butcher went for his lunch break I got at it and started practice and realised once you develop a knack for it its only about finding the sweet spot and snapping the wing at the right angle, the rest is a breeze. When he got back he started off again and this time I played the dumb card and messed up a few so that when another colleague came in to show me how it was done I got it right on the first go. And have been snapping wings since then, and yes if your curious you can snap a persons finger just like a chicken wing . So the next time you try to sneak a squeeze into a handshake with me, please bear in mind my skill set.
The recipe is my own a modification and a little home styled version to make it a tad bit more healthy but not less fiery. It calls for a little more practice to pull the wings but you can ask you local butcher to do it for you.  

He wont charge you extra if your a regular, I now have a new supplier who gives me a relatively good price of 120 a kilo which I  think is a steal. I decided to pull them on my own and not waste the little wing tips which can go into a soup. Ideally a kilo will yield about 30 pieces and will serve you well for a party of 22 or so people. The rest of the ingredients can be marked up to about 15 Rs or less , this includes ginger garlic paste, which is homemade and red chili paste and powders for flavoring.
Ive decided to include a new feature in the blog and that's a basic costing for the recipe. Here's my version of 

Fiery pulled Chicken wings

(Serves 20)
Price :4.5 Rs /piece 
Time :15 minutes


Chicken wings- 1kg
Red chili paste- 30 gms
Ginger garlic paste -20 gms
Cornflour- 50 gms
Salt -15 gms
Jeera powder- 20 gms
Corriander powder- 20 gms
Lime juice- 20 ml
Chili powder- 10 gms

Marinate wings and keep over night
Mix in cornflour and fry at 120 degrees C for 5 minutes for juicy wings.
Serve hot with lime , onions and mint chutney or BBQ sauce


  1. Oh my word!! that sounds delish!!

  2. :) If its juicy its delicious

  3. i like the build-up as much as the recipe

  4. thank you Jane :) much more to come

  5. Wow! That looks like one hell of a starter. I so love wings and I should try these out :) Thanks!!

    1. theyre really great with a little mustard dippig sauce