Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Death to Squidgy cake

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This is it, I'm posting today, I intended to keep this for later but I wouldn't be able to do this justice. This is probably the best desserts Ive made till date, cause my Nemesis gelatin and my aversion for the same.

This came form within and just like the video, I couldn't hold back I had to do it my way. No recipe, no advice, no rules, just pure emotion. this came from my heart and my head pieced it together and Ive never been more proud of what Ive made.
I love to push myself and this has taught me a very valuable lesson, we give ourselves very little credit than we should. At least i realised I do that more often then i think. By this time the song is kicking in and I'm racing through this post just like everyone devoured this cake. Saturation was an understatement. This cake is pure indulgence and although I post this earlier for fellow blogger, Simran and Aj for requesting the recipe, the recipe is for someone special and this just makes me smile because I made it for her and it came out perfect I jumped when I demoulded it cause it was perfect when it mattered the most. This one's for you my bestie. I miss you.

The cake has a strong resonating story in my recent history and it goes back almost a month ago to the big chill, it was actually a double decadence but fondly referred to as the squidgy as it wobbled as you ate it and squidged and smudged when u pushed your fork into it. This cake was mad and although the actual squidgy cake was not eaten for dieting reasons, this did the trick and flashed a smile that made me melt faster than the cake. This is for you.
The recipe is different from anything that I'm used to so i decided to go in with no preconceived notions, just did what felt right. Layering the cake tin and going in for as much indulgence as I could the cake is almost 60% chocolate and 40% cream. It will slow your heart down. Just staring at this mother will make your heart sink and leave a pool of drool in your mouth. The fact that the cake stood the standing test, standing at room temperature for 30 minutes was enough of satisfaction for me. The rest was the decadence in play. The cake base is a faux, made with a little more chocolate to cream, a thicker ganache and the top is a mousse ,cream and chocolate. RAW and bad ass like it was intended to be. I give you Death to squidgy

Death to Squidgy (SERVES 15)  20 Rs per slice

Dark Chocolate 300 gms
Whipping cream- 200 gms
Cream- 100 ml
Gelatin- 15 gms
Milk chocolate


  • Whip the cream and soak the gelatin, heat the fresh cream and add to the dark chocolate and milk chocolate respectively in different bowls to get two thick ganaches
  • Once the chocolate has melted add gelatin to the milk chocolate when cool and then fold in cream set to cool further
  • Set the thick dark chocolate ganache in a greased mould, chill
  • Layer on the mouse and make the sign of the cross. remember why your doing this.Hustle!
  • get it in the fridge
  • One hour later and two homily's later your ready.
  • Here comes your strength t rock hard.
  • De mould and garnish with chocolate shavings or let her go o' natural


  1. I am going to bookmark this and maybe I ll make it sometime. I want to do the basic sponge well fist-novice baker :)

  2. Ooooh...this looks oh so sinful! Trying this asap..thanks so much for sharing :)