Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Spud in the box 

This seems like a mundane recipe but sometimes its something as simple as a spud can make you smile. This recipe is not a fancy one didn't need any thinking because Ive been eating potatoes like this all my life. But when you think about it we're all a little spud in the box . A Little bit routine in our ways , a little rough around the edges covered in dirt and sometimes we sprout unworthy habits that just eat at us. Sometimes its good to be a spud in the box whilst in this case, its best to break free.

My aunt makes em like this and so does my mom. This is my version its more like comfort food more than anything else one primary reason being that cooking with the skin on is more nutritious and a sign a of a lazy Chef .
On the other hand only the smart ones know that half of the vitamin C comes form the skin. 
The recipe for butter garlic potatoes is simple quarter your medium size potatoes and put them into a cooker with a cup of water, put on for a single whistle. cooking it in a cooker maintains and intensifies the sweetness of the potato and eliminates its starchy taste. It also keeps them moist longer. melt a knob of butter and throw in some chopped garlic , brown the potatoes in the pan evenly and finish with some coriander chopped fresh.

Some times it simple as it seems

Butter garlic Spud Cost per potion 2 Rs (serves 25)


Potatoes - 1kg
Salt- 10 gms
Butter-50 gms
Garlic- 4 cloves


Wash and quarter the potatoes, give a whistle in the cooker
Fry golden brown on all sides.
 Add in garlic and finish with coriander and season


  1. Yumm!! I am so craving potatoes right now. Should make these. They can also be made like a party starter right??

    1. yup u can go with party starter too but u can deep fry em as a party starter after duting em in cornflour and toss with some chilli flakes and herbs

  2. Wel said, the potato is the most loved and simplest of vegeatbles to boot.
    Loved thi srecipe..and such a simple one too.

  3. I am craving some right now and this is a lazy woman's delight!

  4. Is it really that easy? And guaranteed to come out yum, huh?

  5. yup :) definitely takes not more than 20 mins

  6. oh..this seems too good to be true..will it look as good even if we make it??

  7. haha yeah definitely u have to keep it a lil underdone when cooking ewm and finish in the pan

  8. theres something abt it, 4 of us have posted aloo recipe.. too much.. any take on aloo is awesome.. looks so tempting aaron!

  9. :) yes aloo rocks love it, mash, fried, chips, anything about it cries eaat meeee