Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Fruitcake or fruit walla is a derogatory term used commonly around the kitchen to indicate a gardemanger boy. This is popular among smaller operations because the jobs of a night shift pantry boy involves a lot of prepping for breakfast and this means a hell of a lot of fruit processing. 

This could be for juices, Cut fruits, Smoothies that the restaurant or the hotel coffee shop puts out for breakfast. the teasing the pantry boy gets is directly proportionate to the work and the amount of time taken for this task. I know this because for a long time I too was a pantry boy and to my misfortune or an old man's angst landed up in the night shift trying to cover for another dude who had gone M.I.A. Naturally I don't cut 15 kgs of watermelon on a daily basis at home so the task on the first day was overwhelming but time * effort produced results and in a matter of days I was flying with enough time to spare and try out new ideas of my own. 

If you've ever tried to put on weight without actually getting fat and staying full or the other way around, Ud have done yourself a real big favor if you'd read up a little and not bought that protein X. Fruit is an almost indispensable artillery in the arsenal of a weight gainer. Its high water content and almost negligible amount of fat makes it an amazing choice and keeps Ur immune system rev ed up and ready to rumble.

Up the ante by combining this with a good potassium source like banana and milk and you have a wicked destructo shake. I had a colleague who would always love to make me this beautiful shake early in the morning and something that i twisted around and blew his mind with one day. Subsequently his recipe changed and mine got popular but due credit goes to the little guy and whenever i slurp one of these bad boys up, I'm reminded of him.
 This is my version of a hard gainers remedy. A hard gainer is someone who tries but doesn't succeed at gaining muscle or mass he takes more time because his body type does not conduct well 
to his body sculpting plan. Being a different body type takes more than physical might it requires a strong hardy diet and an incandescent spirit. Fight hard gainer. We all love an underdog. 

Hard Gainer's Remedy

Ice- 30 gms
Bananas- 4 numbers
Butterscotch Ice cream- 3 scoops
Milk- 250 ml
Cream- 50 ml
Sugar Syrup or honey -30 gms

Get yourself a towel to cover the mixer once you load all ingredients in .
Start up with a few small whizzes and blitz up till frothy,
Cheers to the underdog.


  1. i have a fren who might just like to have a loook at this:) .. and thanks for introducing to that fruitcake term, funny it is!

  2. Id love for that :) thank you so much

  3. Sounds yumm, if a bit scary ;). Ice cream for breakfast, who can resist that, would love to give it a try!

    1. Yea my breakfast usually was a marathon in itself cos i was handling three sections so i would scuff up whatever i could :)

  4. Loved your writing style obviously besides enlightening us on fruitcake and that killer recipe :)
    Surely coming back...
    Good luck for marathon

    1. I meant besides that enlightening info on fruitcake and all :)

    2. Thank you so much, glad u liked the recipe and thanks for ur best wishes. Be sure to follow and check out my other posts.

  5. I am so not going to try this ven though it's tempting as hell coz I would like to lose weight than gain it!!

    1. Cut out the ice cream, It works wonders you cna even try a lassi or a smoothie its much more healthier and packs a better punch, dont add ice cream, just add bananas , yoghurt, honey, pinch of salt, oats and almond sliver for garnish

  6. really!! now one of classmates in college whose dad used to own a fuit business always used to tell me to have milk and bananas to gain weight....guess thats true!!!


    1. :) yea it works i load up on Bananas every day