Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hurricane Candy

       "If it don't feel good, then what are you doing it for?" Ever wondered how much candy is too much candy, well here's your answer , this will probably put you in a hyperglycemic coma but I guarantee its worth every bit of the trauma. This is an ode to the legend and his new hit single. Congratulations Mr Bad Ass, God bless and if anybody knows how to get this song outta your head shoot me a mail. The pink suit just got a whole new meaner, Robbie's been working out and trying to get into shape for his new tour with Olly Murs. Olly is great but now with Robbie frisbeeing his Candy Halo to the top of the charts, has just up the ante even more. For every time I was down and need to get a jump start, you never disappointed and how! This ones for you!

Standing tall

        Of course theres someone I needed to get fed too in the bargain, the real sweet craver is an old but close mate, from my times scrubbing dishes and pots. I didn't know how he'd react to the unconventional and a little bit christmassy gift but I prepared for the worst and begun with a prayer hoping my guardian angel was a feisty pink wielding 50something Brit. I'm sure he's be happy I did him proud with a trifle. I dub this one Hurricane Candy.Once I laid out the theme of the project being a Birthday gift for My mate and inspired by Robbie it was a matter of piecing together they re favorite things and figuring out how they worked together.

       The idea was that the Trifle needed to be delectably sweet and suffice as a good enough serving for the whole lot to pass around after dinner. Making a trifle is relatively simple once you figure out what your key flavors are gonna be. Primarily since its based on an Irishman i thought of going with an Irish coffee, so I got myself some locally baked sponge crumbled it and added in some rum or any other liqueur will do and refrigerated the same for an hour, the layers would now have to be relatively a milder flavor to highlight the patiala i just doused the sponge in so for the cream I went with Coffee. Since the theme of Candy was Pink i stewed down some strawberries and made a nice homemade strawberry jelly. 
The rest id all just fancy decoration and white chocolate chips to represent Robbie's broken teeth as a result of the beating he takes through the video. Once all the ingredients are chilled sanitize a bottle and layer them as you fancy nudging them outwards so you get clearly defined layers of candy and sponge. Sprinkle in some mint candy and white chocolate chips and chill. You have a conversation starter ready for the party and a nifty Birthday gift no one can match. 


"Omg thats Rum Aaron" Apoorva Matkar, new convert

Birthday boy and his Candy

If your lucky your mates live closely but as luck has it if you set the cream and jelly right it will stand easily for an hour and a half at room temperature without melting into each other. And if you've got a guardian angel with a pink suit looking out for you, you might just be able to convert some non alcoholics into rum lovers. The party was a smashing hit meeting the gang after ages, everyone was hysterical about the idea of me making something for a dude. But what gives I had a lot of fun, my family loved it and so did my neighbors and as soon as I caught the reactions on the faces of my unsuspecting taste victims I realised that maybe sweet isn't that bad after all. The night was a hit with lots of good takeout and rightly enough the Birthday boy got his very own Hurricane candy. With no hangovers!

  Batman and Robin                           Got your back : Mundhe meets Modi

                                  No Hangover.............Spoke too soon: only hungover chocalatier

Hurricane Candy (Serves :15)

Cream -300ml
Gelatin- 25 gms
Sugar- 100gms
Mint Candies- 10 gms
Strawberries- 5 nos
Coffee-20 gms
Rum- 1 Patiala
Chocolate Sponge- 250 gms
White Chocolate Chips -30 gms


  • Add the patiala to the crumbled sponge. Soak gelatin for 15 minutes and add to whipped cream at soft peak stage.
  • Make a coffee mixture with coffee powder and sugar add to cream mix. Chill
  • Stew some strawberries with sugar and water add in gelatin when cooled and chill
  • Layer after all ingredients are chilled in a sanitized jar.

"What! but Ive been sober for a year Ronny!!", Aditya  Modi