Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Always dancing around breaking chairs and his back in the bargain. Always cracking sad jokes in front of my friends. Always telling me how I don't know how to spell Coutinho. Always getting my monkey for God knows what reason and always at my throat to infinity and beyond.I don't know how your Dad's song goes but I'm assuming its has a little more melody than mine and also a nice hook and bridge. Too bad mine comes with 53 guitar solos. Dad has always been someone who Ive passionately hated and never quite understood for inadequacies of my own, mainly disinterest and a general sense of caoulessness on my part. I regret that as we will be spending more time apart from my folks soon. He's always been the one who knows how to get my monkey the fastest and what piece of the jenga to tug at so that the whole science project , umm puzzle I mean puzzle falls apart only when its my turn to work on it. 
I remember the days when my dad and i would clean out our 5 foot wide swimming pool of a fish tank with he hope that if we kept up our frantic momentum we wouldn't have any fish casualties. We never did .. that was till it was my turn to feed the fish, somehow I knew he was trying to pin that homicide on me. The plot thickened and so did m weariness towards my father. I went through a phase where all he did was praise the neighbors kid, never too smart, strong fast enough as pappu. "Not even eye hand co ordinated!" he used to cry while wed try our hand at cricket. I remember once a neighborhood kid broke my nose when he hurled the season ball at my face, dad patted him on his back and laughed at my face. That was dad or at least that's what I thought dad was all about. 

There was a very traumatic strain in my relationship with my dad, something that the family likes to refer to as the stations of the cross. Id best not get into that one. But the more time I spent away from him the more I saw a side that he never revealed. Something Id thought Id never see, concern, love, care. It made sense but it didn't fit together so I went back through old pictures and revisited memories and then I realised something. Dad was just a guy with hopes, dreams and a life something he put aside when I dropped into his lap. Hes always been there only just taken for granted by me. the small things travelling to work and ensuring he fed me before he rushed into a crowded local. The tank cleaning was so much fun something that was more fun than putting up a tree for Christmas and the only reason I never played cricket and this one shocked me when mum told me.. cos dad was very possessive of me never allowing anyone to carry me , he never wanted me to get hurt something he does now more openly since my life's getting a whole new level of danger. Even the stations of the cross was an attempt to save me from a supposed ghost that they thought was haunting the place we rented out. It all made sense and now come to think of it, it wouldn't if Id not felt like that all that while. I had to hate him to love him. Hes the biggest part of me from all the crazy fishing trips to all his schenangins, hes always had my back and always supported me even the time I came back all coloured and beaten up during Holli. A story he proudly narrates to all our guests. Happy Birthday Dada I love you... in a non gay way. I'm no one without you and mama

B.b. Boy (blackberry boy mum's nickname for dad on her phone)

B.b. boy cake


Sponge cake- 1/2 kg
chocolate -500 gms
White chocolate chips - 50 gms
Fresh cream - 100 ml
Gelatin - 15gms
Rum- 20 ml
Sugar- 30 gms

Make a ganache and set with gelatin. Slice cake in half and wet with a mixture of sugar syrup and rum.
Make a ganche icing (yes I'm lazy) and go crazy. Dress her up and make her pretty before 12...
Happy bday pops :)


  1. Love the way you write. Love the way you think. If not so much the way you bake :)))

    1. Hey jane thanks a lot, means a lot that ur following the blog, was just reading ur post

  2. U have a real talent for writing.:)
    Plus ,i think you're very handsome.

    1. More stalking shall be done then..:):):) slurrrp

  3. I love ur pictures, Aaron and this is a beautifully written post. :)

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    1. :) im khush my first comment from you and uve made my day

  5. A very happy birthday to your Dad, Aaron. This was such an honest post, lovely heartfelt writing from you.