Wednesday, July 11, 2012


In keeping with last weeks blog I went a little shutter happy and went overboard with this weeks post. Eggs are an integral part of my day to day routine for obvious reasons. The humble unfertilized chicken egg weighs in at around 45 to 50 grams on average, an amount insignificant for your stomach to even detect however its true potential is solely measured on the fact that, by itself it proves to satiate all our nutritive requirements from protein to fat. From the ominous blue ringed boiled egg that i was forced to navigate down my throat in school to the egg white omelets that now serve as a Pre requisite to kick start my day, iv had a twisted relationship with this peculiar food group. But what seems to be a natural craving at the breakfast table makes even more sense outside its confines. Deviled eggs on street corners, pickled eggs in bars and even midnight bhurjee pavs never fail to draw in a plethora of deviants like myself at any hour of the night or day for that matter. The simplicity of the egg however never ceases to amaze me both in the fact of how extraordinary a food it is and the smile it brings to the ones who appreciate it.


  1. i love eggs and try all the variations in summers, stick to boiled eggs!!

    1. Boiled eggs although a good compact and convenient option are a source of unnecessary complications. They are notorious when it comes to heat, gastro- intestinal cramps and numerous other dilemmas, for me nothing else hits the spot like an egg white omelet with ham, bacon, chilies and cheese

  2. Love the photo edit!! aande ka funda :P:P