Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Back to Basics

My dad always schooled me when it came to mathematics, his catchphrase was simple, destructive and reigns fear in my heart even today. He used to say "Get your Fundas (short for fundamentals) straight, the rest is just cakewalk then" . 

Problem was the only inclination i had towards mathematics were the last three 
syllables in Algebra. It took me two years and three confused years of catering college to realize that it was probably an Anda that was my Funda. Now you pictured a zero? didn't you? That's called conditioning, society has tuned and refined our thought modules to associate an egg with a loser. 

Lemme ask you this what did Rocky break into a glass and down before a big fight? What can withstand a hundred times its weight? can you? but an unborn fetal chick can. EGG! ANDA! So show a little respect and finish your omlette when i make you one. That got me thinking what if the greatest minds got their formulas mixed up? what if the Mexicans went with yam instead of beans or the Germans with carrots instead of pork . Would we ever have known our strassburg or berliner from our boudin noirs. 

Heres my own take, and silent salute to my predecessors who took a laugh and a smack in the face , who toiled through the humiliation of siding with styles which were unpopular or unorthodox in keeping with the times to arrive at perfected formulas that work, that i love and have come to know as my mother cuisines. Thanks to my mother cuisine and thanks to the blatant bastards who stole the credit for it, you made it happen you gave us hope to strive for what doesn't make sense to the world but makes sense to our palate. To have the courage to combine ice cream and bacon and sell it at 350 dollars a cup and eat snails with butter. Carpe diem for there is no other way my brothers 

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