Monday, November 7, 2011

Sanctuary of Unrest

Recently the kin and i decided to make the most of mayhem at our workplaces and just run for the hill. Too bad the hills were infested with 400 lions, 390 leopards and a whole lot ta reason to stay at home but we aint chicken and were definitely not gonna let some cat ruin our trip. So we head off on our long flight sleepy and drained to reach our airport pick up who decides to irk us even more with his heavy accent and constant countdown to touchdown... which seems OK if its an hours drive. This was a never ending four hour no pit stop bumpy ride rendering all our derrieres asleep and numb. We reach and were already feeling relaxed with absolutely nothing to do. I mean nothing the only thing to lighten up or week were a few foreign invaders and a 5.6 magnitude earthquake. Here are a couple of shots to fill you in. 

Good Morning Gir

Tower of Power: Oh Africa
Salmans next victim
Still Water

Striking a pose

Lion sleeps tonight
Brother from another mother 

Jhump la Jhumpa le

Brighter than sunshine
Whoo dat?

Dysfunctional Family


Goodnight Tweety

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