Monday, November 14, 2011

Le(ggo) Land

Everyday im shuffling
So i spent last night learning the two step  only to realize thats what iv been doing all this while. The melbourne two step or                        The Shuffle is not very complicated once youv got the basic movement down, much like my scenario right now the only issue being once you get started you just cant stop.

Le(t)ggos have always been my favorite pet peeve from as far back as my sober memory can take me. They're sturdy, reliable and hard just like me. You can put them together or take em apart either way you have the choice. However getting them to work they way you want to is easier said then done. I drift back into this reminiscing dilemma because life right now is much like Le(t)ggo to me, literally. Building and destroying piles and piles of meat, fat and sinew for unknown reasons. Much like the shuffle, which has three major components:

The Running man

Coloring page Walking (2)Done with finesse the Running man can be made out to be really easy but in actuality it involves a lot of good footwork. However although the shuffler is walking he in fact isn't moving at all, just stepping and running in the same place over and over again, makes himself out to be cool but cuts a big Retard on the score card

The Side Step: 
For the shuffler to be called one, he must in fact master the art of side stepping. He must wander off the safety of his stagnant running man and skilfully push away from his groove.

The spin: 
They could spin out of control but without this step the shuffle is incomplete. Its largely believed to be a form of expression for the relief experienced by the shuffler on achieving the other two components. Once mastered all the three steps can be combined in numerous permutations and combinations. some may do the running man more while others side step some may even " do the moon walk"  but the most important thing to do is Keep shuffling.

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