Monday, November 7, 2011

My Current Transmigration

Now i know that your completely clueless about the realms i know as my professional domain from dormant nights to soul shattering days. From favor to friends and debts as slaves with each passing day im feeding my flame. I feel it in my gut. the hunger, its roaring now angry and clawing at my insides, passing judgement, snaring    at the insolence of their so perfect existence. Its raring now nudging me slowly over the edge now and then, letting me know that hes there waiting to take over. In every fight in every conflict hes got my back pulsing through being he knows hes got me if he needs me. Why is he still here? why then does he still torment me? I see him more often and now others see him too and now they tell me to be weary. Their voices hush as he speaks and robes himself in my coat, buttons down his pride and fastens his arrogance at his waist. He raises his botched and dis mangled face to the crooked world and shields his wounds with a towering fiendish smile, Chef De Partie is mine.

There's two ways to get better, to get hard and strong. The naturals or the ascribed stand tall and proud, they have it running through their veins. The mignion to the Bearnaise pulsating through their veins, clearly helping them navigate and pluck and tweak every fiber of the culinary repertoire by merely making physical contact to ingredients. To make matters more volatile they come with attitudes. I am not one of them but my better half on the other hand is. Minus the attitude (point to be duly noted ). In other words King Midas syndrome ,touch turns to gold. Too bad everyone off them pisses off as usual. Works to our advantage when they don't know how to use the gift. It is those who are deprived who value the true nature of the gift. Of course in matter of fact they may have better palates genetically, they may have sharper receptors and olfactory sensors. they may even have better synapses but if they are dumb enough to stand in front of a mirror and ogle OCLD I know that fate waving my cue card. Don't get me wrong here im not the bad guy, nor am i the protagonists. I my friend am an opportunist , iv learnt from the fallen that i save the trouble of getting back up if i don't take a hit and if pride clouds potential... it is wasted.

Tony Bourdain, Marco Pierre, Thomas Keeler, Eric Rupert, Rick Bay lees, Heston Blumenthal the list is endless sweat, pain, cuts, blood, and 100% gut wrenching good old fashioned hard work pivoted with a never dying passion is what got the world to remember them. Without even knowing they've paved the way for a new generation of chefs who believe that the palate is not just a gift for the few but a skill of labor.That couple determination with work and diligence and every comprehensible note of a plate can be manipulated to create a masterpiece. This is the achieved.

"They break you to make you"- Aaron Santos, CDP

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