Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oli Oli Olive Oil: Tomato Consomme!

What you see is most of the time not what you get! Celebrity chefs are no exception to that rule. I once had the oppurtunity to cook for a Mr. Kapoo.. lets just call him a big name in the industry, youd think he'd appreciate a fresh lamb stew with a side of home style polenta on a cold wintery day all dished out by a novice chef, sadly the dish adjusting her clevage on the other end of the opposite table caught his fancy.

Thats the thing, after the camera's stop rolling and the spotlights all packed up, most chefs like almost all of the others turn into meanies.

Hey we may be rowdy but we have our integrity. I dont care if your the new commis that gets kicked in the behind on your way into the kitchen or a line cook taking the beating for the stupid sous chef's mistake, we all have a commonground we hate the big guy running the show and we absolutely despise his Celebrity counterparts.

Im a fan of Italian cuisine although i understand squat and wish to pursue it in the future I still attempt to read up on whatever I can get my hands on. One of the greats that i look upto , Bourdain absolutely despised Italian at one point of time but was trained by an exceptionally talented veteran Mario by name. His immpecable love for all things Italian caught Bourdain's eye and peaked my interest. Italian food is simple and satisfying, much like our Punjabi or Goan. Pleasure comes first. Period. F##k the dishes. Thats what i love about the Italian, bing the food, let us live, we'll see about the bill when we get through the meal. They embrace life.

Bourdain's note on mario got me interested and Oliver with his shows and 'nakedness' captivated me. Bourdain refutes norms, its not his style. Its like an itch he's gotta get. So he does in the most obnoxious and inspiring ways.

I never saw that in OLI until recently. Most of the time when your experimenting your bound to hit a wall or two. The key however is to keep moving forward no matter how stupid you look. Oli does look a lot clumsy but his twist on a consomme? a cold one ?come on you gotta be kidding me.

Now im sick of gazpacho honestly, i hate it now, its too chunky (texture of puke) and its too much like a bloody mary. But this guy hit gold, he went with a classic mary hit it with a twist and get this, fine seived it , brilliant, see-through consomme / gazpacho / heavenly-sloshing-mana. Brilliant! It seemed really stupid and looks childish to go at this recipie but believe me. Worth it! Like i said simplicity is the key. Keep it simple and the rest will flow.

Slick Oli slick like oli oil!

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