Friday, June 12, 2009

Get out those tissues

I just saw this movie soemtime ago and it somehow reinforced the fact that I need to get out there much more or else I'm going to loose out on a chance to meet my someone special. Gay! Yeah I know. But this movie is so much more, Its real! Its about making mistakes, taking chances and doing the right things.

"Definitely Maybe" is a gripping biography of a bigshot politcial consultant (Ryan Reynolds) who's coping with a divorce , juggling his carrer, daughter and a 'very complicated life'. Now what starts off as a short flashback turns into a hefty portion of the movie.

Ryan who's completely meesed up with the shitty hand he's been dealt, looks for solace in the last remaining joy in his life, his daughter. Not knowing that her curiosity would stir up numerous old feelings that he harboured for his past flames.

The plot revolves around these three babes in his life . The first is his highschool sweetheart,Emily who turns out to be a 'rug muncher' and breaks ryan's heart in the most unruly fashions (sleeping with his roommate while he was away). Ryan being the gentleman that he is just returns back to his shitty job as Clinton's campaign's official toilet paper boy and forgets about Emily.
Ryan's self involved boss somehow manages to realize that our boy could do some more good than just fetching coffee and throws him a bone.
Enter girl two! Xerox girl! April . Keep your eye on this one. They make out before he pops the question to Emily (high school sweetheart). Emily's slutty confession send Ryan into a spiral, he loses touch with Xerox girl and begins to look for Emily's sex-toy who he finds under some award winning distinguished writer, who at that point of time emphasizes how he needs to be called 'Daddy' and wants Summer (lesbo) to keep feeding him.

By now Ryan's poor kid is as confused as you are, she doesnt know who her mom is. She proceeds to call her father a "man skank". Ryan hooks up with Summer.

April realizes she loves Ryan confesses her love only to find out that he's asked Summer to marry him. April is devastated and gives up on Reynolds. Summer being the bitch that she is sells out and writes a sloppy article about Ryan's client.
Poof Presto, Ryan's alone again.
He bumps into Emily and decides to giver her a second chance, they get married and he has a daughter. You'd think the movie ends there. Thank God, it doesnt.
How could he mary that skank? The kid feels really sorry for him and helps him realize that he really likes April. So there it is he finally falls for the girl who he loves and The end.
In conclusion : MUST WATCH