Monday, December 17, 2012

Survival Tip two : Scavenging and Foraging

You may scratch the back of your head in disbelief, but given a day in any organizational kitchen and it becomes very apparent of the importance of this information to your existence. This is pivotal to you staying alive right after Mis en place comes scavenging and foraging. I know many a brotheren in the dinner battle of 2012 who lost their pride along with their lives because they didn't set aside time to scavenge and forage.

I'm sure the only picture that comes to mind when I say foraging is one of those tea plucking chicks with a basket attached to her back but that is far from reality. Foraging is an art for some and a wicked hunger game for others. Foraging is something of a sport in many kitchens this involves hunting for supplies be it free meats to dairy products and mainly comprises of vegetables from walkins.

Many sections include this in their hand over and boy do they take this seriously. Effective foraging is quintessential for a pantry guy to survive rush, be it just a basket of peeled vegetables for salads or even a couple of limes, In times of scarcity this could mean the difference between a bad or a great service or in some extreme cases getting spared from a whack in the head.From a sociological or should I say psychopathics standpoint they may be divided into the following:

The God forager:
He'll make you an offer you can't  refuse. This guy has everything on him and will go to any lengths to complete his quest. If the supply is short and you're in dire straits for some zucchini your best be sure that a kiss on the ring isn't the only thing your going to have the God forager. Possibly rumored to start off as a hunter, he now operates off a small mafia of forage Gumps.

The hunter:
The hunter is a rare breed of forager because contradictory to the name he kills for his pride. He is generally found lurking out of his sections during hours trying to nab down an unsuspecting victims stash. He travels light and is generally not equipped with a stereotypical foraging bowl or crate , which enables him to douse suspicion and make a quick getaway. Known to be a sweet talker. Rumor has it he once managed to sneak out a display fridge full of ice cream. Evolves into a God forager.

Mind foragers:
Mind freaks this guy knows that the best time to attack and reign terror is at the 11th hour just before service. This guy is the epitome of lazy and does not forage the entire day. He is known for his hibernating bouts and is occasionally seen levitating in front of the ladies washroom. The mind forager is a rudimentary character and practises the slide of hand often flicking plates, knives and occasionally garnishes during service. Very difficult to identify due to camouflage, is known for his trademark shriek at cameras during group photos.

Huny Bunnies :
Shoot on sight! These oompaloompas are constantly on the look out for herbs and although a relatively a new species can cause severe headaches and slow down operations. Known for their cute external appearances these foragers are relative early risers and do their foraging early in the day.

These are the have nots. They generally have adequate time to do everything during their shift except forage. Being parasitic in nature love to feed off a host. Generally start of demands small and then move to bigger kills.

Forage gumps :
Slow on the money but big on heart the Forage Gumps are a gullible lot and move based on instruction . Very easy to manipulate , know to be bribed with a box of choclates. Are generally Mumas boys and are a sure way to get favors done.


  1. Wow! So much in a kitchen? This is a new glossary of terms for me. Thanks for enlightening me on a subject so new :) Enjoyed the lingo