Tuesday, October 23, 2012


So speaking in terms of a future destination of mine the best and the most effective way of preservation seems canning and refrigeration the latter being in common use, I for this blog post chose to go with the road less travelled. You can look up the canning process online and it will guide you through the whole process, essentially there's a heat canning method and a cold refrigeration method bot will equally disintegrate the colour of the product however the cold method seems more worthwhile and less cumbersome.... Which way shall i go.. If you answered the heat method your a new reader and are giving me the benefit of the doubt. Being the lazy cucumber that I am I went with the cold method. It does go a long way with keeping the colour of the produce intact.

Daru walla Chakna (makes 6 bottles)

Cucumbers- 3 medium sized
Carrots      - 4 medium sized
Gherkins    - 250 gms
Onion        - 1 medium sized
Dill            - 30 gms 
Coriander seeds -20 gms
Garlic         - 4 cloves
Ginger        - 10 gms
Salt            - 20 gms
Vinegar      - 350 ml

Prep:  The main trick with canning is sanitizing all equipment in hot water above 80 degrees Celsius is the requisite or in hot boiling water for 7 minutes. This will essentially destroy harmful anaerobes and bacteria that will party in your cans. Wash and cut your ingredients , here I used batons of carrots and cucumbers and gherkins along with macedoine of the same for a little variety next up pickling beets...

Make the pickling mix , I use a mix of bruised coriander seeds, a clove of garlic and ginger sliced. Mix vinegar and water equal parts and set to boil. Arrange the vegetables int he jars and pour the mix over them, let them cool before you seal.You can also add some dill leaves and salt or dissolve in some sugar if you want a little sweetness to your pickle. Take some pics, decorate a wall or watch paint dry.. Your job here is done.

I always was fascinated with the colours of the golowalas flavoring coupled with my love for all things vintage, i came up with this functional piece of art and munching heaven. I cant for reasons which i cannot comprehend digest eat stuff that's too sour without wailing away in pain the next day with tonsillitis.Here's my little time saver every time somone asks for a party and i don't got nothing in the fridge. 

Its a great conversation starter and looks fabulous with lights behind it. Remember thought that you have to refrigerate them effectively if you choose to pickle using the cool method else they will spoil.

Hot canning requires you to pressure pack them which allows you to store at room temperature.
The cuts that i have used gives maximum surface area for reaction hence this pickle is good to go in two days. Nothing that's looks or taste good lasts long, so in case this does you'd want to check and use the same as the pickling mix will make a mess eating into the vegetables. Consume in time and booze your way to kingdom come.

TIP: Sanitize cans and lids the smart way in a truff or a tray by laying them on their side and submerging in hot boiling water. 

DISCLAIMER: This blogger does not patronize drinking under influence in anyway. Drink responsible, drive safe and tip Ur waitresses.


  1. Oh yes, it does look really nice with the light behind. I am not much into pickling except for the traditional Indian ones. I need to try this!

    I like the font and how you have placed your watermark too.