Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dark night rises
The world seems different somehow after sundown she resounds a tune heard seldom during the day. The trees whisper silently as they brush by the freshly wet windows of the train as it whizzes into my stop. The pigeons that seem a constant nuisance during the day have now taken refuge while the leathery winged bats assert their dominion over the night. Once bustling streets now retire to midnight chaiwalas and last minute cigarettes before making a mad dash for their last ride home. You know the city sleeps when the rickshaws halt and the mutts brave the streets. The stage is set. My shift begins.

You begin to think differently than your used to its just like doctor Jekyll and Hyde when one sleeps the other comes out to play, only difference is you pull the switch every time involuntarily during the shift. The only thing that matters is you still know who you are and what your fighting for the rest if piecing together the puzzle.

My deconstructed Carbonara on the fly
Creamed bacon and thyme shot
Singular egg yolk ravioli with 
Dehydrated prosciutto, Parmesan mousse


  1. looks nice!!

    1. Thank you shooting star, its a little deconstructed mess i like to call post breakfast pick up madness