Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Meanwhile whilst you skipped mass....
Its a another lazy Sunday, Im asked this question very often " Do you enjoy working on Sundays?". To which i promptly reply, "People have their own vices some people like slitting their wrists i like to punish myself by working on Sundays, some sadistic happiness i get from depriving my body of sleep". I'm faced with numerous questions " What do i have for Breakfast?", "When will my executive relieve me? or will he? " and the obvious

                                        "Whats for Brunch?"

                                                Creme des Legumes exotic
                            Pan-Fried Vietnamese Bassa in Honey Mustard Sauce
                                         Bouef avec Le ragout de champinion
                                                   Pommes Dauphinoise

Pan-Fried Vietnamese Bassa in Honey Mustard Sauce

For the batter friend fish

  • Bassa- 1kg
  • Refined flour- 200gms
  • Eggs- 2 nos
  • Salt- 15 gms
  • Lime- A squeeze
  • White Pepper- Pinch
  • Mustard- 35 gms
  • Oil- 150 ml 


  • Prep the fish as per desired size of steaks
  • Marinate and keep aside
  • make the batter combining all the ingredients except the oil.
  • Shallow fry and set aside

For the Veggies

  • Zucchini- green and yellow- 1 no
  • Haricot- 50 gms
  • Broccoli- 80 gms
  • Spring onion greens- 1 no
  • Red pepper- 1 no
  • Emmanthel- 4 slices
  • Yellow Cheddar- 50 gms
  • SnP


  • String the beans and blanch with broccoli florets, saute it in butter 
  • Grill roundels of zucchini and dices of red pepper 
  • Layer alternatively with emmanthel and cheddar.
  • Gratinate the stack

For the sauce

  • Mustard -30 gms
  • Salt-5 gms
  • Honey - 10 ml
  • Lime- a squeeze
  • Thyme- 3 gms
  • Butter- 20 gms


  • Heat butter and throw in all ingredients coat the fish.


  1. hi thats one helluva sunday brunch!!

    Came to ur blog on ur cousin lovel's tip off!!!
    Like the idea of a chef writing!!...



  2. Thanks SS many more updates coming up