Saturday, June 23, 2012


've been thinking about this in the corner of my mind knowing that i would never have the time to live this faint hope and vision that i have to stitch a fix and scratch this itch. Today is the exception thank you casual leave. Enchiladas why i like em so much i cannot seem to comprehend, an enchilada is very similar to a burrito a major difference being the outer tortilla which is wheat flour for burritos and corn tortillas for enchiladas, the enchilada is also topped up with a pepper sauce or a mole depending on the variety. I tried this recipe out at work for the Sunday brunch that we offer essentially its a sliced up burrito topped up with some chili gordo mole and some bubbling cheddar. The filling a a mix of re fried beans , red onions, peppers, jalapenos and cheddar.

The first step is to make your filling and place it in the center of your tortilla sheet
 Roll em up nice and tight and make them look pretty

Drizzle some salsa over em

 Smother with cheddar


 I decided to go all out and throw in some sour cream and parsley for a little contrast 

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