Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Life's complexities would be undermined if i said it was as simple as getting what u want when u wanted it. Time, money, power all make so much more sense cause they extend their dynamics to our needs and our desire to cushion our world and make our transit more pleasant. None the less you feel it when its real when its something that you want and its something you need to realize. Be it belief in an hour of doubt or faith in an hour of loss. It is real, but as i suppress my remnant teenage angst and reasoning ; it dawns on me how hard and real  life gets when you live it with your heart on your sleeve and the truth on your lips. How judgement pass and alliances suspected, the scarlet letter spells out your truth as blasphemy and forges you a new identity; Judas.
But in your resolve you stay strong as the truth stands for what it is not a sign for what you are ; one that your friends make for you but what you believe in. As someone rightly said Live your truth. period.


आईएम सेक्सी एंड इ क्नोव आईटी

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