Saturday, June 13, 2009


Music's always been a very personal thing for me. Im not into rock maybe some chart toppers but the genre that really appeals to me I guess is more soul and blues. Now for some reason rock fanatics cant get it through their thick skulls that I just dont get the point of 'growling', Im sorry if Ive offended anybody by stating what I like but Im sick of stupid norms, Girls gotta like pop and guys gotta love rock. People this isnt the seventies, the "Im a little counrty, He's a little rock and roll"; doesnt make sense anymore. So please loose the outdated perspective and get rid off that mullet it looks ridiculous, your embarrasing yourself!

Blues and country may be used synonymously but believe me when you've had as much country as I've had to put up with you'd know the difference cause my family seems to love it and no one in the Santos family knows how to turn the music down.

So what do I like well apart from soul, I really enjoy the classic, somehing that my favourites Rod Stewart and Michael Buble are slowly turning to. So I decided to if this is my blog, you've gotta know what I like so I took the liberty of listing some of my favorite albums and artists, if your as in love with good lyrics as I am youve already bagged these puppies if your not catch a listen.

Jack Johnson
A local Hawaiian/enviornmentalist/singer/songwriter/Producer and surfer.In short he's got a lot on his plate but that doesnt hold him back from banging out some really classy stuff. His fist album entitled "Brushfire Tales" lent Jack a massive oppurtunity to reach out to a new fan base with most of the tracks being featured in the animated flick "Curious George".

"In between dreams" was the first CD I ever bought, for real, my first CD, so this album was really special to me. Not only because of the fact that it was my first one but because of the lyrics. You can't really put- jack-in- a-box,(pun unintended) cause his music is so different. His lyrics are refreshing and makes me want to take a walk on a beach by myself. I think thats the purpose of great music, to get your audience to put on a hot cup of cocoa and sit quietly in the corner of their homes blisfully lost in your lyrics savouring every word, Jack if he could would even provide the marshmallows.

"Sleep through the static". Didnt work for me . The ones i liked however were, 'Hope' and 'Monsoon', 'Same girl' was worth a listen not that memorable as the second one. "If I had eyes.." however i found to be magic.

Nelly Furtado: We share the same birthday

This mama's got chops! Nelly's canadian and kicked started her career with her first album "Whoa Nelly" at the ripe age of 17 by the time it was out Nelly was 21 and touring UK. Her sound was more pop and people dug it. Whoa Nelly gave her a chart topper, Im like a bird. Then came Folklore which is a personal favorite, Nelly went all out with this one, she actually wrote all the stuff on her album when she was preganant and the album came out when she was three months due. Freaky that I know this shit, yeah I'd marry her in a heartbeat! Folklore was inspired by her Portuguese heritage and is her perception of who she is as an individual. 'Try' and 'Powerless' along with Forca and Grass is green are my favs.

Then came Loose and Nelly's an overnight sensation again, this saw a collabaration with chubbabubba producer Timbaland. Back in Gods hands, No hay Igual, What I Wanted and Somebody To love are few of the ones I cant help listening before I go to bed.

Kelly Clarkson: AI season one winner, the more I listen the more I love. Marry me woman. If perfection had a name It'd be Kelly. Favs: "My life would suck... without you", Beautiful Disaster", "Whyyawannabringmedown".

Rod Stewart:

American classics, Rod was an English rocktar during his heyday now he works the stage performing old favourites like "The way you look tonight", "Champagne". Worth a listen

Take That:

hey hey Shineeee, shining stars. Theyre new Album Greatest Day is a must have. All time favs: Patience and ofcourse Shine, Greatest day.

Thats it for now, need to chill, too much typing for a saturday.


  1. hmmmm
    I can't criticise dis post... Nelly Furtado, Jelly Clarkson and Take That... Shineee!
    My Favs too!