Friday, December 14, 2012

The memoirs of the Dirty Olive

The memoirs of the Dirty Olive

The ability of a product to be deemed of some relevance to the hierarchy of consumer good relies on several factors namely being its application  its versatility of use and most importantly its packaging. Packaging in today's day and age has taken on a far more pivotal role in a product's consumption rate sometimes even more than the actual quality of the product itself. Consider this an olive out of  tin or a bottle, which one would you prefer. The latter is more appealing primarily because you can see the product even better and for some wierdos gives yo a chance to count the olives and match it up to the figure on the bottle. But whats the main reason a green olive and a black one are different is their exposure to the sun which ripen them.
 Here's a quick fact wrong they are both harvested green and then the ones deemed to be black are moved to a holding tank and pumped with a water/lye solution which forces oxidation and causes the olive to go black all the way down to the pip.

Think about it you think all those dirty martinis just got their olives out of thin air this process was invented to meet the growing demand of pickled olives .
If that's not enough think about this both are brined but since the oxygen level is higher in the black the chance of botulism is higher hence they need to be heat treated and hence you will find very few bottled black olives and if you do I suggest u stay weary and just eat them out of the can. the can will withstand the heat of heat treating and will not crack like the glass. Bet you didn't know that about the little black ones did you? Wonder how they stuff them beauties? Here's a video courtesy of "Discovery's", "How its made?"

The idea for this recipe came from a book "How I Learned to Cook" by Kimberly Witherspoon which follows numerous world renowned chefs I don't quite remember who was the chef who tried this but Ii remember reading he was in a rush and wanted to throw something together for his guests so he made these pickled olives which was just some thyme and vinegar. I borrowed from the idea and added a twist of my own its similar to an Italian dressing with garlic, herbs and mustard, olive oil and lime juice. This is completely a hassle free recipe and calls for nothing more than the purchase of a bottle of olives , the rest you'll find lying around the house.
I made this for a part recently and my neighbors loved it so much I just made another batch yesterday you can mix up all the ingredients give it a shake in the bottle itself and Presto! our ready to go. For best results keep refrigerated over night. Will keep for a week refrigerated.

Dirty olive ( serves 20) Cost-Rs 120


Stuffed green olives- 1 bottle
Dry herbs or fresh- 20 gm
Lime juice- 20 ml
Mustard paste- 10 gm
Chopped garlic- 10 gm


Mix all ingredients in jar
Shave vigorously and refrigerate.


  1. I absolutely love your style of writing. A history OR knowledge session before the recipe. Love it!
    And ofcourse love those Master-Chef-Aaron recipes. keep'em coming!!
    We are a bunch of olive lovers here and mix up things like this. Little bit of this and little bit of that is the way we do. And can never remember what all we put in. SO next time it becomes a new recipe on its own :)

    1. Hey thanks :) and Chef Aaron or Aaron is just fine :) dont like all tht masterchef stuff :) I like this recipe thot id share

    2. Yes indeed its an easy yummy recipe.I like it too. SO for once i would have a place to come back to when i prepare this and can follow the recipe properly :)

  2. Very cool to see a simple recipe, as well as the cost for it!