Thursday, December 20, 2012

Maybe We've forgotten that we're all one big tribe

                                                  In memory of the Connecticut massacre. Hearts bleed for their loved ones, words will never their scars may our prayers strengthen their wounded souls and may justice be served in Delhi and all over the world. Lets us pray father grant us the strength to do no wrong and that we might not become our worst enemy.


  1. I put your music selection on - on the days I remember to go blog-reading - and with it in the background, go about my day. Think your choice is bang on!

    1. :) Im glad you like it . I like to listen while I write gets the adrrenaline pumping and you dont censor ur words

    2. You are right, listening to music does help in loosening up and writing your heart out. It does work for me the same way :) Loved the choice of both the songs. Very powerful!!